Let’s explore the world cuisines:

A cuisine is a specially prepared dish associated with a specific community and culture. The cuisine has an exotic flavor that represents its geographical region. Every country has its regional cuisine that is made with different techniques. Cuisines are also served in different ways that define their uniqueness.

Geographical factor plays significant roles in ingredients of a cuisine. If the place is a tropical region, the cuisine is based on fruits and vegetables. In cold places, the cuisine is mainly related to meat or fish. The coastal places mostly serve delicious seafood. Trade among the countries also affects its cuisine. Even religious factors play role in determining the importance of many cuisines. In many festivities, people make specific cuisine that is associated with their culture.

Regional cuisines are getting more exposure:

In today’s era, the world is getting so much interconnected due to trade and commercial reasons. So people from any country visit another country, they love to taste the special cuisine of that place. Chefs are now serving regional cuisine and giving them a special place in the world cuisines. Regional cuisines were made by our ancestors since time immemorial. They made it with specific techniques and had some unique ways to present them.


Nowadays popular restaurants are using the same way for presenting the cuisine. In India earthen vessels, banana leaf, and many more traditional ways are being used today also to give uniqueness to the presentation. Many regional cuisines that were obscure to the world are now getting good exposure. The most popular example is ‘Litti-Chokha’ from Bihar. Litti-chokha is a popular dish of Bihar which is now getting international exposure. Many international master chefs’ competitions are giving regional food its due recognition. Their participants made the regional food of their country popular in the world cuisines. A Bangladeshi chef Kishwar Chowdhuri made typical regional cuisine like Bengali khichuri and begun bharta of her country in the MasterChef Australia. It gave the regional food its global recognition.

Tourism also promotes cuisines of any particular country and places them as world cuisines. People love to visit exotic places and have exotic cuisines there. If any place offers varieties of regional cuisine, it can have a positive impact on tourism. Italian pizzas and Chinese noodles were very popular among the youth. But now cuisine of many other countries is getting popular worldwide. Many big restaurants serve varieties of different world cuisines.