Do Gardening As A Hobby And Be Happy

personal kitchen garden and flower garden at home. It is very common for people to have hobbies to keep them occupied during the time they are idle. Gardening is one such hobby that it is interesting and enjoyable. Though it can consume a lot of energy and time, the output is pleasing to the eye.

What Do You Need to Cultivate a Garden?

The main requisite of gardening is to have a fence surrounding the garden. The fence will provide protection from strangers and animals. While gardening, you can split you garden into several smaller parts to grow different kinds of herbs. You can also make use of separate mud beds for different types of crops.

Preferably, one should own the right gardening tools to take proper care of the garden. Some of the necessary tools are shears, pruners, hoses, gloves, scissors, shovels, sickles, mowers and wheelbarrows.

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Vegetable gardens are economical. Many people cultivate common vegetables like potatoes, garlic, coriander, spinach, ladies finger, brinjals and son on. Fruit gardens help people get fresh fruits like papayas, mangoes, plums, chikoos, and bananas.

How to Cultivate a Garden?

Maintaining a garden is not an easy task. The plants and herbs have to be properly taken care of regularly.  Watering the plants and giving them enough sunlight is good. Insects and other harmful worms must be kept away from the garden. You can use manure as a natural fertiliser instead of chemical pesticides. The fertility of the soil can be boosted through elements like compost and lime. Always make sure that your garden is free of dirt and dry leaves.

Types of gardening:

Apart from the regular ways of gardening, many people follow other types of gardening as a hobby too. They include

  • Aesthetic gardening – It is appealing to the eye and is very colourful.
  • Ornamental gardening – This type of gardening is mainly decorative.
  • Container gardening – This can be easily done outdoors or indoors by using a container.
  • Community gardening – This type of a garden is maintained by a community of people together.


The term gardening includes all activities like watering, weeding, seeding and harvesting. One must be able to allocate enough time towards this activity. It is always overwhelming to witness and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. You can feel proud and immensely happy to eat the food produced by your own efforts.

January 9, 2023