How to make more money when you sell your home (and how to increase the chances of selling your home

Are you also interested in understanding how to earn more when you sell a house?

I decided to write this article following the increasingly frequent questions that I am asked on the subject. First of all a premise: if you think there are magic formulas or scripts of barker speeches here that hypnotize people and convince them to pay 100 for something that is worth 90, forget it. You can stop reading here because you won’t find any of this below. If, on the other hand, you think that selling a house is a scientific strategy and not a coincidence, then this article is for you. To get the maximum price that a potential buyer may be willing to pay for your home (and maybe even a few thousand euros more…..) you need to know some “tricks” of the trade

If you don’t know them or, worse, if you know them but don’t apply them, you risk losing a lot of money in terms of lost earnings …. Therefore …. read on and then apply.

First of all, think about anticipating and immediately eliminating any problems and/or objections from potential buyers, making the purchase of your home “secure”: create the “property file” where you have to put all the necessary documents inside for the sale of the house, so that they are instantly available when a buyer asks you for some technical information.

He could ask you to view the certificates of the systems, rather than knowing the Energy Performance Index, or to verify the cadastral and urban planning compliance of the property. Then create a nice file where, at a minimum, you put in the following documents: deed of origin (notary deed, deed of succession, donation, etc.), cadastral plans, Energy Performance Certificate, statement of condominium expenses.

Try to imagine that you are the buyer and you are undecided between two similar houses: of one you have all the documentation available in a transparent way, of the other you have the owner who tells you that “everything is fine” but no trace of documentation : on which of the two would you leave a nice check for a 20,000 euro deposit .